The most common objective of the statistical analysis is to explain the influence of random variations and events. Perhaps the most important objective is to manage simultaneous and combined effects of several influencing factors, when those factors can not be easily controlled in the experimental frame.

Multivariate Analysis MVA is based on the principle of multidimensional statistics, which involves observation and analysis of several statistical variables at a time. This analysis is used to study several dimensions simultaneously, taking into account the effects of all variables on the characteristics of interest [1-4].

By introducing ceramic properties of some dense composite ceramics, zirconia alumina type, with oxide additives for densification as independent variables, it was obtained a quality model. The model proved that it is necessary a more rigorous control of these properties in order to improve the compressive strength [5-6].

The developed statistical models are consistent with existing assertions in this area - they are viable, but also offers new insights - of interest from the point of view of optimizing the composition and properties of specific ceramics.



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