In present, both on national and international level, a way to assess quality of glass products is to check glass homogeneity through the statistical interpretation of properties measured values. This is achieved by measuring of the temperatures related to the viscosity values, characteristic to technological flow sheet, with several devices, each being designed for measurement of a single characteristic temperature within a given viscosity domain. The multi-functional device, based on a Romanian patent awarded with gold medal at the 51-st World Exhibition of Innovation, Research and New Technologies - Brussels EUREKA 2002, allows the determination of any viscosity point and the related temperature, respectively, for the entire viscosity domain ranging from 102 dPa· s to 1015 dPa·s, as well as the thermal expansion coefficient. The prototype puts to account of users  a new device with a new, modern and original method to keep under control the quality of glass products and it eliminates the usage of 5 (five) different devices, reducing so the costs of endowment of a laboratory by applying the principle of a single device equivalent to one physical laboratory.



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